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  SciFi Art Directory

Welcome to the Sci-Fi Art Directory, a site devoted to science fiction art from around the world.

New additions:

2014-04-13 | Artist
Darrel K. Sweet (1934- ) started painting SF illustrations in 1975. He brought with him a realistic and tight style, and became very popular with the fans. A prolific artist, Sweet often works on two or three paintings at the same time and has produced over 3000 images. Posters for sale.

2014-03-30 | Artist
Patrick J. Jones - has produced artwork for many major SF and Fantasy publishers. He also did concept work for movies like Peter Pan and The Great Raid. He lives in Brisbane, Australia. Originals, prints, and instructional material for sale.

2014-03-09 | Artist
David Schleinkofer - has been doing fine art and illustration work since the mid 1970s. His commercial work has been used by advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, and video game companies. He currently focuses on fine arts and paper back covers.

2014-03-01 | Artist
Marek Okon - is a Polish freelance concept artist and illustrator. His main focus is on creating concept art and illustration for promotion and advertising of video games.

2014-02-22 | Artist
Philippe Bouchet (1956- ), also known as Manchu, is a French illustrator who started painting SF artwork in 1984. Manchu is also producing astronomical illustration for magazines and space agencies.

2014-02-16 | Quotes
quotes section has been added.

2014-02-15 | Artist
Paul Alexander (1937- ) is an illustrator well known for his massive spaceships soaring through outer space or earthly skies. He started painting SF illustrations in 1977 after working for architectural firms and advertising agencies. His impressive paintings landed him many assignments from magazines and publishers like Ace, Fawcett, Del Rey, Ballantine, and Baen.

2014-02-09 | Artist
Pascal Blanche - is a French 3D artist, art director and freelancer. His career started in 1993 and is based in the video games industry where he contributed to many games including Myst IV revelation, and Naruto: rise of a ninja. Pascal specializes in creating artwork with alien characters. Instructional DVD for sale.

2014-02-02 | Artist
James Beveridge - is a freelance illustrator and an artist with experience in video games industry, publishing, comics, and mural painting. He has been producing artwork professionally since 1972, and lives in Alberta, Canada. Art books for sale.

2014-01-26 | Artist
Paul Lehr (1930-1998) dominated the science fiction paperbacks from the mid-1960s through the early 1970s. His work is often brilliantly colored, surreal, with otherwordly feel and mood. He was the winner of the 1980 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist. In the summer 1980 issue of the Starship magazine, Lehr said in an interview "[...] I think art that you can describe in an intellectual way, in a verbal way, loses an awful lot. It's not as strong an art as the art that leaves many questions". Lehr also did illustration work for magazines like Time, Life, Business Week, Fortune, Playboy, The Reader's Digest, and was active until his death in 1998.

2013-12-22 | Artist
John Schoenherr (1935-2010) was among the best SF magazine illustrators of the 1960s in the USA. Known for strong composition and believable alien creature designs, and for his illustrations of the Dune World stories written by Frank Herbert that first appeared in Analog and later would be known as the Dune novel. His son, Ian Schoenherr, writes an interesting blog devoted to his father's life and work.

2013-12-15 | Artist
Kevin Ward - an artist from Nashville, Tennessee, who specializes in SF, but also does Fantasy and Horror illustration. He paints in acrylics and uses Second Life as a 3D sketching tool for design ideas.

2013-12-08 | Artist
Alan Pollack (1964- ) a SF and Fantasy illustrator who has painted artwork for many RPG companies, including Wizards of the Coast and T.S.R, and has produced covers for most of the leading book publishers in USA. Prints and card set proofs for sale.

2013-12-01 | Artist
John Zeleznik - has produced paintings for book covers and illustrations for many role-playing games including Shadowrun, Rifts, and GURPS. He lives in California.

2013-11-24 | Collectables
Collectibles Shop - Private seller with several original Star Trek paintings by Sonia R. Hillios for sale, plus various Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files action figures, magazines, comics and more.

2013-11-17 | Video
Cover Story - Stephen Youll - Barnes & Noble has featured Stephen as part of their "Cover Story" video series. Stephen talks about his work and techniques, his favorite book covers and his philosophy on what a cover should do for the potential reader. (2008)

2013-10-27 | Artist
Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai - a Hungarian duo that have been producing SF and Fantasy illustration since the late 1980s. Their work is the synthesis of two individual visions. They use both traditional and digital mediums. Prints for sale.

2013-10-06 | Artist
Dave Seeley - a Boston based illustrator whose work can be seen in games, movies, and on book and magazine covers. His approach is to paint over a photo-collage printed out on archival media. Originals and prints for sale.

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